MECANIC TRAINS is a one-man business
founded on Apr. 3rd, 2001

Registration: SIRET 435 257 795 RM 39
Legal/fiscal status: self-employed, “micro bic” (VAT not applicable)

Post address:


7, Le Chatelot 


+33 6 44 89 69 65 from 10 am to noon

Please note: this is both my workshop and my home, not a shop!
Sorry, customers not admitted.

This website displays my goods, but I don’t sell through the Internet. The site is regularly updated.

Only references are indicated, not prices. To get them you must ask me using one of the means indicated below. Please note that I’m not connected to the Internet.

Only what’s shown in the current catalogue can be delivered.

MECANIC TRAINS products from ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL can not be supplied to other professionals.

When using the mail, any order must come with payment, either by bank cheque to the order of MECANIC TRAINS.
From abroad by international giro transfer (ask me first for Mecanic Trains’ IBAN data).

Getting in touch with me

Preferably by mail. Regular customers who have been using it for 21 years are happy to have their order delivered within a few days.

Alternatively you can phone, but bear in mind I’m no worldwide international company! I’ll take your calls only Mondays to Fridays 10-12 am.

About the Internet: I simply don’t have it at home, that’s the way I want it to be. Now if you won’t do without it, here are one possibilitie:
Order at other MECANIC TRAINS suppliers:

AMF 87 - 62, rue du Bourg 59249 AUBERS- FRANCE

INTERFER   423, route des Morgues 74150   THUSY - FRANCE - Tél : 04 50 69 64 69 

MICRO-MODELES - 2, place Noël Blâche - 83000 TOULON
Tél. 04 94 93 13 51

MECANIC TRAINS paper documents

The updated sheet is published every month. In it you’ll find new items –with references and prices- as well as all those previously on offer since January of the current year. General terms of sale are included too. The sheet is sent along  with any delivery or price list, and included in the catalogue when a new item has been made available after the release of the latest edition. It’s also sent in reply to any request for information.